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Do you ever feel like you are implementing a sales event and not a sales process?

 You provide great processes and material that are intuitive and powerful. Yet, after you leave, you no longer have any control over the implementation of the material. You are left hoping and wishing that the internal key contact is truly passionate about your system and works it, the right way, every day. What if you could monitor the implementation of your content and processes every day, by every sales rep, by every call? What if this led to recurring engagement that increases your business?

Enter SalesTalk. With SalesTalk, you can implement your sales processes and content directly into customized dynamic sales playbooks. Through our robust rules engine, playbooks can be modified or prioritized based on the sales reps’ interaction while in a discussion with a customer. We also provide actionable sales reports that organizations can use to limit or reinforce specific behaviors. SalesTalk works as an add-on to most major CRM platforms

Sales reps love it because it helps provide the ultimate engagement, winning more sales.
Sales managers love it because it provides powerful insights into their sales teams and individuals.
Leadership loves it because they do not have to create or buy a whole new CRM system.
Sales trainers love it because it reinforces their content on every call and provides recurring revenue.

Learn more about the SalesTalk platform by signing up for a quick 20 minute demo of the product today. To learn more about our Referral Partner opportunities, visit our Referral Partner page.


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