Dynamic. Relevant. Effective.

Personalized & Dynamic, AI Generated Sales Playbooks

Contacts will only listen to a sales rep who has something timely and relevant to offer. To remain relevant, many companies have moved toward using electronic Sales Playbooks to guide sales reps through conversations but adoption has been low due to the limited visibility of the content within. Referencing supporting documentation is crucial to responding to customer questions and inquiries that arise during sales calls, it can make or break a sale.
Most Sales Reps do not use Sales Playbooks today because they are overwhelmed by too much information and do not have time for tools that are difficult to use. If it’s not where it’s needed, when it’s needed – at the Reps’ fingertips during sales calls – then it is not relevant to the sales objective.
The traditional printed Playbook becomes outdated almost as soon as it leaves the printing press. They contain more than enough information to help sales reps have InteractionsThatMatter™ but they typically end up collecting dust on a bookshelf shortly after the training.
Reps can now engage in meaningful conversations, saying and sending relevant information that aligns with each contact in their pipeline. Developed to include only what is relevant to the Sales Rep and the specific contact they are engaging with, R2M uses AI to personalize an interactive discussion guide containing what the rep needs to understand to move them through the sales cycle.
How can Printed Playbooks be Relevant
if Information is Constantly Changing?


No One Size Fits All

R2M is the first playbook tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a powerful rules engine to consolidate all aspects of a contact to create dynamic Sales Playbooks. Personalized, in-real time, to reflect all demographic data about the contacts in your CRM and other sources of enriched contact data such as digital behaviors and even intelligence from conversations that have taken place.

Digital Behavior

R2M uses all of the digital behavior associated with a contact. This includes email opens, clicked links within emails, website clicks and form fills. The Rules Engine applies AI-enabled insights on recency, frequency and duration of all digital behaviors to generate a Playbook that is relevant to the contact.

CRM Data

Data from the contact’s CRM record such as title, industry and current stage in the sales cycle, is included in the contact’s unique persona. Based on this information, R2M selects the most relevant talking points to include and automatically personalizes the Playbook. As the data changes, so does the Playbook.

Conversation Intelligence

Intelligence uncovered during conversations with a contact is used to personalize Playbooks. For example, “Discussed Price” or “Asked for References”, or “Discussed Product Training”, would trigger the Talking Point(s) to be included in the personalized Sales Playbook dynamically generated for this prospect.

A Real-Time, Virtual Sales Coach at the Rep’s Fingertips

SalesTalk’s approach solves the challenge of turning a sea of data into data you can see with relevant knowledge and AI that generates a personalized Sales Playbook consisting of content most likely to be considered a priority to the contact which the rep can leverage in conversations and what message the sales rep needs to communicate to the contact and the supporting content to advance through the stages of the sales cycle.
The Sales Playbook can be refreshed at any time during the call. The dynamic refresh of the Sales Playbook is especially valuable near the end of a sales call to add any Talking Points that were not relevant at the beginning of the call but are now relevant based upon facts added or updated during the call or discussions during the call.
When a rep is focused on what is Relevant2Me+U, the customer experience becomes more personal and the relationship and probability of closing the sale are strengthened. Driven by an AI generated Sales Playbook, all prospect interactions become interactions that matter.