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Let your sales team get back to what they do best… selling.

Our sales enablement tool was built to assist your sales reps at every step of the sales process. Give your team all the intelligence they need and cut down on time spent on administrative tasks.

Prospects know more than ever and they expect your team to have all the answers. With our playbooks you can give your team the tool they need to be confident, top performing sales reps.

Use our dashboards and analytics to coach your team. Our analytics will tell you what’s working and what’s not. SalesTalk gives you what you need to allow you to turn your entire team into seasoned sales professionals.


In one single place, see all the information you have on a lead. Instead of digging through pages of data to find what you need, use our customized view to only see the information that is relevant.

The Story So Far shows a history of all actions taken by that prospect. See any emails that have been opened, clicked and any web pages that were visited.

All conversations that were had with a lead will be tracked automatically. See what has been said as well as any questions and objections that were raised and addressed.


Our virtual sales playbook will be filled with all the best practice content that sales reps need before and during their calls. SalesTalk will automatically flag the updated or new content to instantly inform your sales reps. Handle objections and answer questions on the spot with a searchable database of sales messaging and collateral.

Interactive call scripts allow sales teams to gather information right in their script. Minimize the time spent trying to remember and gather notes to manually put into your CRM hours or days after the call occurred. Use SalesTalk Click Notes to automatically capture notes at the click of a button.


Create call lists based entirely on your own criteria. Prioritize who should be called first by utilizing score, time zones, demographics, and more.

Automatically alert your team when their leads are hot. Receive alerts based on your leads’ behaviors, such as: clicking through your email or visiting your pricing page. Managers can be alerted when a demo is scheduled or a deal is won.


Breeze through follow-up and long-term communication with pre-built email templates and lifecycle marketing campaigns. SalesTalk’s “One-to-One” campaign feature gives reps the ability to create their own personal campaigns for each prospect.

Lead not quite ready to close? With SalesTalk you can easily drop leads back into nurturing campaigns to make sure your lead is getting the information they need until they are ready to buy.

Schedule any appointments, phone calls and tasks right from your sales tool. Assign activities to yourself or, for deals with multiple reps, assign it to others. Complete sales automation in the hands of the rep.


Gain insight into how effective and efficient your team really is with the SalesTalk dashboard. Monitor activities and how they impact your team’s performance.

View reports on emails, phone calls, activities and tasks completed. Managers will be able to view productivity over time for individuals and for the team. Sales reps will be able to monitor if they are reaching their daily or monthly goals.

Use our interactive reporting on sales stage to drill down into a granular view of each lead. Monitor the sales cycle to shorten time-to-close and improve the win rate. See when deals are stalled and aid your team to push the deal forward.


With detailed visibility into every rep conversation, you can benchmark top performance.

See how much time is being spent on conversations in each stage of the sales process. Use our reports to compare your sales team and coach sales reps on where their time should be spent. Take the winning process and replicate across your entire team.