Our CRM Intregation


Your sales rep gets to use all of the tools provided in SalesTalk right in their CRM. All it takes is the click of the SalesTalk button. Now the sales rep can input data without having to laboriously scroll up and down looking for the right field or their next step. They have all their collateral they could need to make their sale on top of being able to send emails and set their activities.


Everything that the sales rep is doing in SalesTalk will be synced right back up to your CRM. All of the information you see after implementing SalesTalk will be information inputted in at the time of occurrence. You will no longer be looking at reports at the end of the month wondering how much is accurate and if the information you are viewing was hurriedly thrown in at the last moment to hit a deadline.


Quick and painless CRM integration where you get to set the rules! It takes about three minutes to get our SalesTalk button on your salesforce screen. Once you have that the only thing left to do is decide what you want syncing back and forth between your CRM and your sales tool. Currently SalesTalk integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. Contact us if you would like to see if we can integrate with your CRM.


Now you will not only have a great system of record you will also have a tool that is pushing your sales team to achieve their goals. The only way to increase growth is through change and SalesTalk may just be that tool to help you continuously improve you sales process and grow your revenue.