Deals are lost because they are not receiving enough touches. Most of the time it’s because these leads have fallen through the cracks. With SalesTalk's sales automation, you can design and automate your entire follow-up process right after the first call, ensuring that your prospects will receive all touches needed to close a deal.


Breeze through follow-up and long-term communication with pre-built email templates and lifecycle marketing campaigns. SalesTalk’s “One-to-One” campaign feature gives reps the ability to create their own personal campaigns for each prospect through a graphical drag-and-drop interface, putting the power and flexibility of a marketing automation program in the hands of any rep. Completely automate your sales process by setting up custom lead nurturing campaigns.


Lead not quite ready to close? With SalesTalk you can easily drop leads back into nurturing campaigns to make sure your lead is getting the information they need until they are ready to buy. And if you find a lead is in a nurturing campaign that is not applicable to them, they can be removed just as easily. Your sales reps know their leads best and we make it as easy and painless as possible to make sure your leads are getting the right messaging at the right time.


Schedule any appointments, phone calls and tasks right from your sales tool. Assign activities to yourself or, for deals with multiple reps, assign it to others. Complete sales automation in the hands of the rep.