Is the Email Abyss Costing Your Organization?


Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when every one of your prospects opens an email without having to send a read receipt? How beneficial would it be to your follow up calls to know exactly when a prospect clicked on a proposal, contract or SOW? SalesTalk allows you to view all of this behavior in the Story So Far as well as set rules that trigger Activity Alerts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your follow up process to close more deals, faster.

I said right now!

Certain processes require immediate action and email is not always the right tool for these tasks, especially if you’re not sure if the recipient opened it or not. For example, you have been actively pursuing a prospect, sent an SOW out weeks ago, have been sending follow up emails religiously, and still haven’t heard back. Is this email going to their spam folder? Do you have the correct email address? Essentially you are constantly ending up in a realm of uncertainty that should be avoided to ensure productivity of your team. SalesTalk confirms that your email was in fact delivered and will send an Activity Alert, real time, to inform you if your email was opened or clicked and more importantly if your proposal was viewed.

Into the abyss.

Not getting the most accurate and important information in the right hands at the right time can be very detrimental to your organization. Price sheets and promotions are ever-changing. How does management ensure that a sales rep is using the most current documentation if they’re unsure the rep saw the email with the new pricing structure? If the sales manager was using email tracking they would rest easy knowing the sales rep was quoting the correct prices. These common occurrences could cost you important deals and be easily avoided if you were using a tool such as SalesTalk.

Hello… Is anyone there?

The age-old questions haunting sales reps, did they get my email? Why are they ignoring me? Did I word my proposal wrong? Waiting for a response from a prospect can drive a sales rep crazy, especially if the email included a contract or proposal. This causes stress and frustration making it hard to focus on anything else on your plate.

SalesTalk puts your mind at ease assuring you that your communication has not only been delivered but interacted with as well. The Activity Alerts are sent to you instantaneously so you can plan your follow ups methodically and be well-informed.

Source: http://blog.getlua.com/2014/11/06/unread_emails/


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