3 Reasons to Use a Sales Script


To use scripts or not to use scripts.  That is the question.  We get feedback all the time on the effectiveness of scripts.  Why would a company use them?  How should they be implemented?  Why do they always have to sound so, well, scripted? We have worked with companies across many industries and we have come up with 3 reasons and best practices to use scripts.

Reason #1:  The government made me do it.

Regulated industries have strict guidelines on disclosures and what can and cannot be said during a conversation.  These scripts are pretty standard in each industry and it is a good practice to make sure every sales rep understands when and what to say EVERY TIME.

Reason #2:  Hey Noob, this is the best way.

For many new sales reps in the industry, the first 10 seconds of a call can be the most stressful.  How do I get interest? How can I open a conversation? One of the best practices we have observed to calm those rookie nerves is to use an opening script from one of your successful veteran sales reps.  Rookie sales reps get to mimic the confidence and cadence of the veteran and eventually make the introduction their own.

Reason #3:  Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?

One of the best modifications of the sales script we have seen is a series of open ended starter questions.  This particular script allowed the sales rep to choose how they wanted to open the conversation by showing them a series of questions that they could use.  Rather than trying to script the entire conversation, this company would script relevant questions to help the agent and the buyer build an understanding and relationship.

Scripts can be effective tools if used sparingly.  Buyers expect more customization and personalization than a typical script can provide.  In the end, whether your sales organization uses scripts or not, the best sales reps know what they want to accomplish on every single call.  They set the goal at the beginning so that the buyer knows what to expect.  Setting those clear objectives up front allows the rep to interact with the buyer in a conversation which builds a relationship.  This leads to more sales and a better buying experience.

What do you think?  Are there other reasons to use a script?

To get started with your sales scripts check out our tips.


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