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SalesTalk’s founder and CEO Richard Brock has been in the CRM game since the start with over 30 years of experience in CRM and Marketing Automation. With his knowledge of these platforms, he saw a huge gap when it came to helping Sales Teams continue to learn and grow over time. Sure we all train our sales reps when they first come on board but what happens to that material after those first few months? And considering how technologically advanced our sales teams are becoming, are we really providing them the information in the way they are most comfortable.

In comes the idea for SalesTalk. We wanted to provide a sales automation tool that focuses on coaching. Not only did we want to make sales reps more efficient we wanted to make them effective and confident.

Let’s face it. Buyers are becoming more and more educated every day with all the information that’s available to them. When they talk to a sales rep they want to talk to someone who is informed and sounds like they know what they are talking about. SalesTalk is the software to help your sales reps go into those conversations with confidence, and win those deals.
Now let our CEO tell you exactly why your team will love SalesTalk!

Nurture leads through marketing automation

Create digital profiles of your prospects behaviors

Adhere to a proven sales process increasing your chances to win more deals

Completely automate your follow-up process to never miss a touch again

Close more deals

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